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What if my dog won’t sit still?

“What if my dog won’t sit still?” This is one of the top questions people ask me before booking a session. Understandably, this is a big concern for pet parents. Most likely, if this is your question, then your iPhone is probably full of blurry photos of your dog. You think that your dog is not likely to behave well for a session you’re investing a lot in. Not to worry.

Before every session, I send my clients a questionnaire asking pointed questions so I can get to know your dog’s personality. I want to know if your dog is afraid of anything, if they are food-motivated, if they know any commands, etc. I adapt my approach based on your answers to these questions, so it is important that you take time to complete the questionnaire.

If you have a hyper dog, the first thing I want you to do is exercise them well prior to your session. I’m not talking a short walk – take a run if you need to. Don’t work your dog to the point where their tongue won’t go back in and they’re drooling all over, but you get the idea. Much of the problem with dogs not sitting still is their energy level and lack of something to catch their attention.

Once you’ve done your part to get your dog’s excess energy out, I will work my magic to get their attention. I have special tactics that I use on the fly based on your dog’s level of interest.

You would be surprised the number of dogs I have photographed that appear to be still in images, but were actually constantly moving. With the combination of a fast photographer and the right tools, we can make magic happen. So, don’t let this worry stop you from booking a pet photography session. And if your dog won’t sit still no matter what we try, maybe action shots are the best depiction of your dog’s personality anyway, and that’s ok!

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What if my dog won't sit still? by The Dog Photog, Charlotte Pet Photographer

Do you think this young puppy was still for me? No way! He was a little tired from a good walk, but I also got his attention and took the photo quickly, before he could get up. What a handsome boy!