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Pet Photography Leash Removal

Pet photography leash removal can be pretty tricky if the set up isn’t right. I can’t always get perfection, but I sure do try!

With these two pups in a public park, we had to be responsible and keep their leashes on, but with help from their mom, they could be removed easily if at the right angle. I might have been pressing my luck since the dogs were already sitting close together and looking at me (sometimes hard enough in itself). I try to spend as little time Photoshopping as I need to, and if I can get it mostly right “in camera,” I’m all for that. It took hours of sitting behind the computer for me to learn that paying attention to the details during the shoot would benefit me later. If you’ve ever shot with me, you’ll notice that I stop to move stray hairs, sticks, leaves, remove eye boogers and basically anything that would become a nuisance during the post-processing part of my job. That’s why I’m so tired after – because I’m constantly moving back and forth to make things as perfect as possible.

I had mom stand off to the side where she wouldn’t cast a shadow (it was almost noon here) and hold the leashes up high. What was especially nice is that she held the leash of the furthest dog up really high so it didn’t cross through the closer dog’s head. That would have made it a little trickier to remove. After removing mom, the leashes and a few sticks, I gave the image a nice crop and we have a lovely finished image that now hangs above mom’s TV. Happy client for the win!

Pet Photography Leash Removal before | photo by The Dog PhotogPet Photography Leash Removal after | photo by The Dog Photog