Why Hire Me?

Hiring a professional pet photographer isn't something you do everyday. How do you know who to choose? Let me tell you more about what sets me apart and why you should hire me over the competition.

While there are many people operating as photographers these days, it can be hard to decide not only who has the "look" you desire but who will be pleasant and professional to work with.

If you have come this far, I assume you like the aesthetic of my portfolio and are considering working together. With years of experience, my services are priced as such and I know I am not your least expensive option. But, what makes hiring The Dog Photog worth the investment?

Licensed & Insured

I hold a current Privilege License with the state of North Carolina, which requires me to remit an annual fee and remain in good standing with the state. Any photographer accepting money for their services is considered "in business" and should maintain a current Privilege License. This is important to you as a client so that you feel secure in working with a professional who is recognized by the state.

I operate as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and maintain a separate commercial insurance policy to protect my equipment as well as my liability. When you are working with me, you know that I am looking out for you, your pet(s) and the future of my business.


Being a pet photographer requires as much patience, if not more, than a professional children's photographer. Every pet's level of training, personality and life experience determine how a session will unfold. Pets can't tell us if they're having a bad day or they're scared of my camera, but with experience and patience, I am able to "read" their body language and respond accordingly.

Having worked with hundreds of animals, I can anticipate reactions and accommodate to your pet's comfort level. I will not force your pet to do something they don't want to do nor will I put your pet in danger to do the same.

For the best results, I want your pet to appear happy in their images. I notice things like stressed eyes, ears back and stiff bodies. You know your pet and will notice these things in their images too. Knowing this, I would never want to deliver images that show your pet at anything but their best.

Attention to Detail

You may not notice until I mention it, but before my final images go to print or on the web, I am careful to eliminate any distractions. During your shoot, I do my best to position myself or your pet in a way that will yield a flattering photograph. If things need to be touched up in post-processing, I am meticulous about that as well. Things I am looking for include: stray leaves or blades of grass, dog "eye boogers," male dog parts, in-focus eyes, street signs, reflections, backgrounds and more. I do these things even if you won't notice because it's the standard of work you deserve.


Yes, I have over 8 years of experience photographing everything from weddings to pre-schoolers, but I decided to specialize in pet photography in 2014. I still do occasional work with humans, however, pets are my passion.

Sure, you can find another photographer who photographs weddings, seniors, events, babies, Bat Mitzvahs, cars, pets and more, but are they the best at any one genre? As I said before, photographing pets requires patience and a lot of practice. I don't want to be a "Jack of all trades." I want to be the best pet photographer in Charlotte and bring my expertise to you.

If you have read this far, thank you for investing the time to consider hiring me. To move forward with booking, click the Book Now button below!

*All copy written by Hayley Lawrence & is not to be reproduced in any way.

How does this work?

1. Contact me via "Book Now"

2. Have a phone consultation to discuss your vision for the shoot

3. Sign contract, pay session fee, schedule portrait session & ordering session

4. Have fun during the shoot!

5. Order & enjoy your photos. It generally takes up to 4 weeks to receive ordered products.

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